The Thymus Gland


What is the thymus gland? The thymus is an endocrine gland and a lymphatic gland. It lies in the upper part of the chest, behind the sternum and upward into the neck area. It weighs ½ ounce at birth and grows until puberty when it starts to shrink. It is the controller of the energy flow in the body and is the first organ to be affected by stress, and also by an emotional state. It may be-be thought of as a link between mind and body the seat of our Life Energy.

The original cause of illness is the under active thymus starting with a diminishing of life energy. .Life energy – the Chinese call it ‘Chi’ as flowing throughout the body in systems of meridian pathways.
The’ Chi’ enters with the air we breathe, by the food we eat, and the water that is consumed daily. In the practice of acupuncture, an energy imbalance is determined and corrected by inserting a needle at a particular point along the energy meridian. The energy flow has a therapeutic effect on that organ.
Meridians are the major energy pathways that conduct electromagnetic energy throughout the body. When there is an energy imbalance in the meridian system the organ of the system will not function properly. The thymus gland is also strongly influenced by individuals physical environment, social relationships, food, and posture.

And it contains many of the lymphocytes that are important in your body ‘s defense against disease. Lymphocytes that enter the thymus mature and develop into activated T-cells that are responsible for cellular immunity.
The only cells that the thymus allows to develop are those that attack outside foreign substances.

The functions of the thymus gland
.Directly concerned with resistance to infections and cancer
.major role activation by the thymus hormone
.growth factor
.involved in muscular contraction – disease of thymus generalized severe muscular weakness
. It’s involved in the flow of lymph throughout the body. The lympathic system drains foreign substances and toxins from cells and carries them to the bloodstream for disposal.
. it monitors and regulates energy flow throughout body energy systems making corrections to achieve harmony of body energy.
.It is a link between body and mind and is the first organ to be affected by mental attitude and stress.
Thymus gland is the seat of Life Energy. And if it is healthy it makes for vibrant and positive health.

Your emotions and your thymus

“Enlightened love is the universal medicine.”- Manly P. Hall
The emotional states that weaken your thymus are hate, envy, suspicion, and fear. The opposites that activate the thymus are unconditional love, faith, trust, courage, and gratitude.
If we respond to others with hatred our Life Energy will be diminished; if we respond with love, it will be raised.It’s not easy to turn hateful feelings into loving ones, but it is one of the most important steps to positive health for oneself.
Bring up your negative emotions and change them into positive ones instantly. These positive feelings are the more beautiful emotions. And we are doing this for our own benefit as well as others.

9 Ways how to correct the thymus gland

.thump the thymus gland 3-4 times a day to activate the gland and reduce effects of stress
.take frequent energy breaks. Sing a song and thump the thymus at the same time.
.listen to revitalizing music and thump the thymus
.listen to sounds of nature, birds singing and running water. take a shower standing tall and straight
.develop a homing thought to come back to or an image of yourself in perfect health
.smile as often as you can. Do it several times a day as an exercise to correct any imbalances in your body’s energy field.
.think and walk proud
dwell on positive thoughts; love, faith, trust, gratitude, and courage.
The two important principles of BK ( Behavioral Kinesiology) or known as muscle testing.
.Ask your own body, don’t take anyone else’s opinion how something will affect you.
.Become your own health adviser
.choose those things for which you test strong; avoid those things for which you test weak.
Go out and test, test, and test.
Remember everything you see, hear, touch, or smell affects your body’s vital energy.
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