What is Reflexology? And How Does it Work?

What People are Saying About Reflexology

What people are saying about reflexology treatments
.Wish I could have this every day..
I wish I could take you home with me
.My feet feel alive now
I don’t want to step on my feet and get them sore again
.Wish I could stay here ( after working with a cancer patient)
I feel so relaxed
I feel I get the most help with reflexology ; I was nearly asleep( cancer patient)
Well done! ( comments after working with a Hospice cancer patient)
I really feel great, I was surprised to see it helped me with my back pain ( cancer patient)
I feel like going to sleep
It feels like I am walking on air
When I get pain I think of you and want a reflexology treatment
I can bend my knee easier now
Reflexology keeps me calm at work ( a chef an on her feet all day at a busy airport hotel)
You put me in a new world with my feet and body
My feet are happy feet now
I can flex my feet easier now
I can bend my knee easier now.
I am walking easier without and can take the bus to places I like to go , before having reflexology I couldn’t do that.
Reflexology helps me to relax and not worry so much
You are very thorough, I like how you do reflexology !
I can raise my arm higher without pain ( more relief than I got from a physio treatment).
I am sleeping longer hours ( senior patient in rest home)
I am sleeping better , the pain in my side is gone after reflexology
I feel I am releasing a lot of emotional baggage from the past ( client with shedding some tears during session)
My toes straightened out in my shoes now, feel so much more comfortable
my feet are hanging out for reflexology, give me the works, feet hands and ears.
After treatment there was no swelling in my legs after standing for a long time on my legs, I had not thought of reflexology helping for that. I didn’t need to take something to help me sleep that night , felt so relaxed( cancer patient) For more information and services visit: http://carolinesreflex.wix.com/change4lifetime

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